Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Advancements in technology allow our periodontist in Monroe, CT to offer patients more precise and more comfortable treatment options. One example is laser dentistry, especially as it pertains to gum disease treatment. If you have begun to experience the symptoms of gingivitis, then schedule an appointment at Dr. Richard Amato’s office to see if you qualify for the LANAP® Protocol, an FDA-cleared procedure.

Less Pain

Traditional tools to treat gum disease would have a patient experience heat, vibration and pressure even if an anesthetic was applied. Lasers produce a minimal amount of heat and far less pressure and vibration. This results in far less discomfort and swelling following the treatment.

Reduced Gum Bleeding

Traditional treatments would also sometimes necessitate the need to cut into the gum tissue. Fortunately, cutting and suturing are made obsolete with laser dentistry. The high-energy beams actually help the blood clot, and less blood loss is associated with these procedures.

Improved Precision

Lasers have the ability to remove infected gum tissue and decayed tooth enamel without impacting the surrounding area. Many patients discover they will not even need stitches after the treatment. You can retain more of your natural oral structures, and this helps promote a faster recovery period.

Decreased Chances of Infection

Metal tools need to be sterilized and stored properly after each use. Although the odds of infection are rare with these tools, those odds go down even more when dealing with laser dentistry. The beam emitted into the mouth automatically sterilizes anything it touches.

Enjoy These Benefits and More at Our Office

People who are ordinarily nervous about going to the periodontist’s office can rest easy knowing laser technology is a minimally-invasive way to treat gum disease and cavities. Schedule your next appointment at the office of Dr. Amato today, and we can tell you all about the PerioLase® MVP-7™ tool we use at our location.



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