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The Modern Tooth Loss Solution

With over 178 million Americans with at least one missing tooth looking to restore their smile, dental implants have become the leading tooth replacement solution available today. Dental implants can restore one, multiple or a full arch of missing teeth that can last a lifetime. 

Placed directly into the jawbone, dental implants restore bone health and offer unmatched stability. Combining state-of-the-art titanium posts, advanced dental technology and skilled dental implant specialists, our team at Advanced Periodontics and Implant Center of Connecticut offers a reliable tooth replacement experience for Shelton, CT that you can trust.

What is the Difference Between a Periodontist and a Traditional Dentist?

General Dentist vs Periodontist

Dr. Amato explains some of the cases where it might be necessary to see a periodontist rather than your regular dentist.

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Advanced Technology for Lasting Results

Always striving to implement the latest in dental protocols and technology, our team uses the i-CAT® 3D cone beam imaging system for a number of services including dental implant placement. Using only seconds to capture precise, 3D images of your treatment site, this imaging technology also requires less radiation than traditional methods. Combining these images with our digital dental implant planning software, we’re able to create a unique treatment plan for accurate placement of each implant before surgery even begins. This computer-guided dental implant placement increases patient satisfaction, the success rates of each implant and the longevity of your results.

Our Dental Implants Experience

During your initial dental implants consultation, we’ll have you sit down with one of our trusted periodontists, Dr. Richard Amato or Dr. Michael Kang in order to determine if dental implants in Shelton, CT are the best solution for you. If bone grafting or tooth extractions are necessary before you can qualify for dental implants, we offer these services in office and may be able to combine them with your implant placement surgery to save you time.

During your surgery, we’ll use our digital surgical guide to precisely place each titanium implant post into your jawbone at the exact location, angle and depth for lasting reliability. If you receive full arch dental implants or Teeth-in-a-Day® solutions, we may be able to restore your smile in the same day with a functional set of new teeth. By the end of your treatment, you’ll have the complete new smile you deserve!

Trusted Care from Periodontal Specialists

With a success rate of 98 percent, dental implants are now the modern and preferred solution for missing teeth – but only if they’re placed properly. As periodontists, our clinicians are dental implant specialists. Offering over three decades of experience placing dental implants, our team is not only skilled in implant placement but passionate about offering the latest techniques to further improve your care and provide trusted results.

How to determine if you are an Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants

While dental implants in Shelton, CT are feasible options for those who have missing teeth or those seeking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their smile, they may not be viable option for everyone. Dr. Richard F. Amato and his staff at the Advaced Periodontics and dental Implant Center of Connecticut, LLC want to ensure patients have all pertinent information, when determining eligibility for suitable dental implant candidacy, potentially allowing patients to improve the quality of their smile and outlook on life.

Quick Guide: Dental Implants vs Dentures

According to statistics presented by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, almost 70 percent of adults are missing at least one tooth. Not only are most people who are missing teeth more self-conscious, they also often have trouble speaking or eating properly. Fortunately, there are steps a person can take to restore his or her smile. Dental implants and dentures are the two most common treatments.

Top Ten Questions To Ask About Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a fantastic treatment for patients that are missing one or more teeth or who are going to lose their teeth. The look, feel, and functionality of dental implants are the closest thing you can get to your natural teeth. However, having dental implants placed is a surgery that you should take very seriously.

What the Dental Implant Process Looks Like

You’ll begin your journey to a striking new smile at a consultation with Dr. Richard Amato, who will determine if you’re a candidate for dental implants based on several factors. Later, you’ll return for the first of two visits during which your placement will be completed. At the initial appointment, Dr. Amato will extract any deteriorated teeth that need to be replaced before inserting durable titanium posts into your jaw. Each of these acts as a root for an implant crown.

A few months later, once the post sites have healed, we’ll have you return to our office for a follow-up visit. Dr. Amato will remove the gum tissue that has naturally grown over the implant sites before adding an abutment (connector) and crown atop each post. Your crowns will match the surrounding teeth and look completely natural. With your new teeth in place, you’ll be ready to begin enjoying life again without the hassles of decayed or missing teeth!

With more than two and a half decades of experience in placing dental implants—from a single implant to one or two full arches—Dr. Amato is the professional to entrust your new smile within Shelton, CT.

Implant supported dentures are a reliable alternative to dental implants that some patients find are better suited to their needs. If you already have dentures, we may be able to retrofit them to attach to implant posts. Should you decide to go with dental implants in the future, your posts will already be placed!

Complete smile restoration in just one visit is possible with Teeth-in-a-Day. We’ll place your implant posts and top them off with attractive temporary crowns that will enable you to eat and speak normally—and smile proudly—in just one visit. No more missing teeth! Later you’ll return for your permanent restorations.

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