Enjoy the Holidays This Year With Healthy Gums

LANAP® treatment

If you have gum disease like millions of other Americans, you may not be aware that there are new treatments that can improve the way your smile looks and your overall health. When left untreated, gum disease can seriously affect your overall health, and Dr. Amato wants to head that off before it is a problem. With the LANAP® treatment, we can ensure you have healthy gums this holiday season, so you can enjoy the festivities without pain or discomfort.

What is LANAP®?

The amazing thing about a LANAP procedure is that both bone and tissue that gets lost due to gum disease will begin to redevelop over time. LANAP® is less harmful than other therapies, being the only procedure approved by the FDA for true tissue regeneration. There is also less chance of gum recession, reduced post-op sensitivity and after treatment are less time consuming. 

Dr. Amato removes the bacteria that triggers the gum disease in your mouth with the laser. The laser is just as large as three human hairs, but when it comes to leaving healthy tissues intact when attacking diseased areas it acts almost like a magic wand, leaving non damaged tissue as it is. 

The procedure can be done in less than two hours with just two visits . On your second visit, your periodontist will treat one side of the mouth, and then the other side. During the procedure, you might feel some discomfort but this procedure does not include sutures, incisions or experience unnecessary bleeding. 

Want to Learn More?

Almost half of Americans over the age of 30 have an advanced form of periodontal disease known as periodontitis. While this condition can’t be reversed, the effects of it can. To determine if the LANAP® treatment in Monroe, Newtown, CT is right for you, we encourage you to call Advanced Periodontics & Dental Implant Center of Connecticut today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Amato.


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