Finally, A Simple Treatment for Receding Gums

For some people who went through braces to straighten their teeth, the end result isn’t a perfect smile. That’s because they can develop receding gums. Treatment typically involves multiple visits of aching gum grafting tooth by tooth, but there’s a new treatment that has no scalpel, no stitches, and very little recovery time.


“I recently saw an adult Invisalign® patient, Maura” said Dr. Richard Amato, DDS, Periodontist at Advanced Periodontics and Dental Implant Center in Monroe, CT, she told him, “I just looked in the mirror and saw that my gums were receding. I didn’t know that could happen that quickly.” Dr. Amato told her, “Orthodontic tooth movement can actually cause gums to pull away from the roots.”

She said ‘yes’ to Pinhole gum rejuvenation, performed by Dr. Amato who was the first Periodontist in Connecticut to pioneer the technique and specializes in periodontics and dental implants.

“We make a tiny pinhole above the gum line then, with specialized instruments, we mobilize the gum tissue and drape it down over the receded area and can treat any number of teeth at the same time” Dr. Amato explained.

Dr. Amato then put tiny strips of collagen to stabilize the gum tissue in the proper position. Maura was in and out in 39 minutes. And when she saw the result she cried tears of joy.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique® makes sense financially, as well. Patients only need one appointment. A Pinhole treatment costs about the same as traditional gum grafting but patients can usually be treated in only one visit and obtain an instant result.

To learn more about this revolutionary gum recession treatment, contact Dr. Amato today by calling (203) 268-2000.


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