How True Regeneration™ from LANAP® Can Help You Smile Again

Advanced gum disease is not something to smile about. It can be painful and embarrassing, and you may not realize you have some options to help you feel good about your mouth’s health again. With laser dentistry, you can now get the comfort of a minimally-invasive treatment and relief from problem gums. Dr. Richard Amato is a talented periodontist who can help you figure out some solutions for your diseased gums. If you are trying to find a periodontist in Monroe, CT who specializes in gum disease treatment, we can help.

Treatment for Gum Disease

Today’s advances in laser gum surgery make it possible to finally get an effective treatment for periodontal disease. If you have noticed symptoms like pain around the gums, abnormal bleeding and discomfort while chewing, you may have the beginning stages of gum disease. Letting this disease progress could cause your gums to recede and your teeth to become loose or even start to fall out. With laser gum surgery protocols like LANAP®, it is possible to treat the problem areas to help promote your gum’s healing.

How it Can Help

The LANAP® laser surgery protocol has now been enhanced with True Regeneration™ to help your gums regenerate healthy tissue. In the past, tissue regeneration was only possible through bone or tissue grafts or by using foreign membranes. With LANAP® and True Regeneration™, your gums can start to return to their healthy state after the diseased tissue is removed with the laser. After the surgery, patients typically have less downtime than other types of gum surgery. Cost-effective and convenient, laser gum surgery may be the best treatment to help your smile be beautiful once again.

If you want to find out more about how laser gum surgery could help your mouth, call us at (203) 712-0917. Dr. Amato can help you make a decision about which type of treatment is right.


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