LANAP®: Minimally Invasive Gum Treatment

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LANAP® laser gum surgery offers patients a minimally invasive gum treatment option so that they can receive pain free treatment for their gum disease. LANAP® is used to remove unhealthy gum tissue while still keeping healthy gum tissue intact. Also, because the dental lasers used for the procedure offer the dentist a more precise way to conduct their treatment of the patient’s gum disease it makes the removal of diseased gum tissue a smoother process. To learn more about all of the different benefits of the LANAP® laser gum surgery It would be beneficial if you review the benefits that are discussed below:

How Do Patients Benefit From LANAP®?
Patients enjoy benefits with LANAP® laser gum surgery including quick recovery and healthy gums

  • Post-operative pain is minimal due to a lack of surgical incisions and sutures.
  • Recovery time is less than a day because the procedure is minimally invasive.
  • The laser encourages the body’s natural healing process including regeneration.
  • Because incisions are not made to gums, there is less shrinking of the gum tissue.


How Is Your Oral Health Linked To Your Overall Health?
Your oral health is linked to your overall health because gum disease if left untreated through periodontal maintenance it can overtime spread to the rest of your body through your bloodstream. If this occurs, then systemic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes can develop. With this being said taking care of your oral health means that you are also actively taking care of your overall health as well.

Schedule Your Consultation
If you have gum disease then the best thing to do would be to reach out to our office to contact our periodontist to schedule your consultation. This will allow our doctor to conduct a full examination of your mouth in order to determine if you have gum disease and then provide you with treatment if needed.



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