Understanding the Costs of Dental Implants

If you have broken or missing teeth, dental implants are a valuable option to give you a healthier, restored smile. Many patients shy away from dental implants because they fear the cost. We want to help you make an educated decision about your oral health care, so we’ve put together a list of things you need to understand about the dental implant cost in Monroe, CT.

Factors to Consider

Your final cost for dental implants may depend on several things. If your teeth must be extracted or removed or if you have extensive bone loss or need a sinus lift, the cost may vary. Prices also change depending on how many implants you have placed, and if there is extensive gum disease in the mouth.

Fortunately, at Dr. Amato’s practice, we are equipped to handle every procedure and exam you need to restore your health and redefine your smile. Before we start any treatment, we will go over an in-depth cost summary so you know what to expect.

Three Things You Should Know

Since the cost of dental implants ranges from patient to patient, we want you to know three important things about dental implants before you make your final decision.

  • Dental implants are one of the most long-lasting, and functional tooth replacement options for missing, damaged or broken teeth. They are not removable like dentures, so they will not accidentally fall out, and they look just like your natural teeth.
  • Dental implants are significantly more cost effective than other options because they last longer and require fewer adjustments. While other options may be cheaper up front, they also must be replaced more often.
  • Dental implants can improve your overall long term health, as they also preserve bone density levels by stimulating bone growth in the jaw bone. Alternatively, without dental implants, the bone begins to degrade and may cause facial structure changes.

When you are making a choice about how to replace your missing teeth, consider state-of-the-art dental implants from Dr. Amato. Restoring your lost teeth could be the best investment you make this year. Call us today at 866-894-1043 to find out how implants can help you.


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