Will My Gum Disease Go Away?

Like many diseases, gum disease starts with mild symptoms, then progresses to become more severe. Fortunately, if you receive gum disease treatment when symptoms first appear, you have a very good chance of reversing the condition completely. On the other hand, if you ignore the initial symptoms and don’t get treatment, your disease could progress and become irreversible. If this happens to you, regular treatments can manage your symptoms and help you live a normal life despite your disease. Here’s what you should know about periodontal disease symptoms and treatments.


Gum Disease Stages

Gum disease has three general stages:


  • Gingivitis: This is when the first indications of gum disease become apparent. Gingivitis is characterized by swollen gum tissue that’s sensitive and bleeds easily (especially after flossing). This stage is the only one that can be reversed with prompt treatment from a professional.


  • Periodontitis: During this stage of periodontal disease, damage begins to occur to the fibers and supporting bones that keep your teeth in place. You’ll also notice the gum pockets begin to get deeper and collect more plaque and food. Even though treatment won’t reverse all the damage periodontitis causes, it can prevent your disease from progressing further and causing more trauma to your tissues.


  • Advanced Periodontitis: This final stage of gum disease is characterized by significant destruction to the bone and fibers around your teeth. If you do not seek treatment during this stage, you could lose teeth. Your personal and professional relationships may also suffer as a result of your chronic bad breath.


Drs. Richard Amato and Michael Kang use leading-edge laser technology to remove bacteria from the gum tissue and maintain oral health. LANAP® laser gum surgery is minimally invasive and has a lower risk of complications than other surgical procedures. Our skilled doctors also utilize periodontal maintenance to keep gum disease in check and prevent further damage to your oral tissues.


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