Laser Gum Surgery: Advantages and Benefits

dental patient smiling after gum disease treatment

Advancements within the dental industry have opened the door for lasers to be used within the dental industry. Most dentists are now using laser treatments to help with a variety of different dental health complications. These complications include but are not limited to tooth decay, gum issues and common skin problems for example lesion removal. Also, dentists are now using lasers for cosmetic procedures.

What’s Laser Dental care?
Laser dental care involves using a laser also known as a high energy ray to tackle any issues associated with oral tissues or teeth. A laser functions by emitting energy in the form of light. This intense ray of light is then emitted at different wavelengths and levels of intensity. The power of the light is adjusted depending solely on the issue that is being tackled. For example, gum tissue, enamel, as well as tooth whitening would each receive a different level of a laser’s ray. Lasers are also used to treat any and all gum ailments, reshaping the gum tissues, reducing root canal stress, healing cavities, and etcetera.

Why are dental lasers considered safe?
Dental lasers are safe because they are more precise than other methods of treatment that were used in the past. In addition, lasers are used to conduct a variety of procedures in the cosmetic dentistry field such as tooth filling. This involves using lasers to help remove bacteria and tooth whitening decay for receipt of the filling. Also, lasers can be used to help with the early detection of cavities in the tooth.

How are lasers used for Teeth Whitening?
One of the most common and famous uses of lasers within the dental industry is the use of them for teeth whitening. This process involved placing a peroxide whitening solution on the tooth whitening surface and after that it’s activated by a laser to help the solution break down any stains on the teeth.

Other ways in which lasers can be used:
Lasers can also be used to perform a biopsy or to remove lesions that can be found in gum tissue.  They can also be used to remove unwanted bacteria during a root canal. In addition, they can correct any folds in soft tissue caused by dentures. Plus, sensitivity to hot or cold can be eliminated with lasers.

For More Information:
For more information please be sure to contact your local dentist and schedule a consultation for more information so that you can have your questions about lasers and their impact on dental care answered.




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