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Treat Infection Around Dental Implants with the Gentle LAPIP™ Laser Protocol

If you have had any kind of issues with your dental implants and the surrounding gum tissues, such as inflammation or irritation, a minimally invasive laser dentistry procedure known as LAPIP™ may help. Please call our office in Monroe, CT, for an evaluation at (203) 268-2000.

Why the Area Around Dental Implants Can Become Infected

The gums and connective tissues around your dental implants may grow irritated and infected over time. This is known as peri-implantitis, and is an extremely uncomfortable situation that must be addressed. Without intervention from a trained periodontist, you may be at risk of losing your dental implants and/or causing lasting problems for the affected area.

Some of the signs that indicate you may have peri-implantitis include:

Lasting Results from a Laser Dentistry Treatment

Two of the biggest advantages to the LAPIP™ laser dentistry treatment for peri-implantitis are its cost-saving elements and its long-term results. Because the LAPIP™ protocol is thorough and trusted, patients are seeing positive outcomes that last. Only trained periodontists, like Dr. Richard Amato, are able to offer the LAPIP™ procedure. Find out if you could benefit from LAPIP™ laser dentistry today!

Dr. Amato Talks About Top 3 Benefits of Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatments

LAPIP™: Comfortable Laser Dentistry to Save Dental Implants

At Advanced Periodontics and Implant Center of Connecticut, we put patient comfort first. That is one of the reasons we are so excited to offer the LAPIP™ protocol. This revolutionary method to deal with peri-implantitis (infection of the soft tissues around dental implants) uses laser dentistry. Not only is it proven and safe, but most patients find it to be a very comfortable procedure.

We know that your dental implants were an investment in your health. Make every effort to keep them working for you by finding out about LAPIP™ treatment at the first sign of problems.

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