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Let Sedation Dentistry Ease Your Fears

People suffering from dental anxiety may cringe or even put of receiving dental care out of fear. Statistics vary, but some studies suggest that up to 15 percent of Americans have a real fear of dental work. If you fall in this category, there is great news. At Advanced Periodontics and Implant Center of Connecticut, we offer state-of-the-art sedation dentistry to help ease your concerns.

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Periodontist – Dr. Richard Amato

“I would recommend anyone to come here. It was a very positive experience.”

Dental anxiety is way more common than many people realize.  Dr. Amato can ease dental anxiety in his patients and has proven to have a gentle, delicate approach to his craft.

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“I have been coming to Dr. Amato for 15 or 20 years.”

Dr. Amato has some patients that he has been seeing across two decades.  Watch a short video about the experience of this particular client and why he has continued to come back to Dr. Amato time and time again.

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Dental Fear Is Real, But Not Inevitable

In general, most people who have a fear of the dentist have one of these issues in common:

  • They had a bad experience at a dentist in their past.
  • They are embarrassed because they have unhealthy teeth or gums.
  • They are unable to sit still for long periods.
  • They have a stronger than usual gag reflex.
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Periodontist – Dr. Richard Amato

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