Should I Get Treated With Customized Dental Implants?

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Dental implants are a long-lasting tooth replacement option when people have one or more missing teeth. Because everyone’s smile is unique, people can get treated with customized dental implants in Monroe, CT. Through a customized dental implant procedure, patients will get the exact new smile of their dreams. Here is more information on why people should replace their missing teeth with customized dental implant procedures.

Why I Should Get Treated With Customized Dental Implants In Monroe, CT

There are numerous reasons why people with missing teeth should get treated with customized dental implants. The following are the specific reasons why people should get treated with customized dental implants.

Treatment Planning

For one thing a lot of treatment planning is done when people get treated with customized dental implants. With a lot of dental implant procedure planning, patients are more likely to have a predictable, accurate, and successful new smile.

The Latest Techniques And Advanced Technologies Are Used

Through the latest techniques and advanced technologies, the periodontist is able to determine if patients have enough jawbone density to support customized dental implants. For those who are determined to not have enough jawbone density to support their custom dental implants, the periodontist can treat them with a bone grafting procedure so they can then get treated with their personalized dental implants.

The bone grafting procedure will also be customized to each patient’s specific smile. The periodontist will even use advanced techniques and technologies to angle and place the customized dental implants accurately into the patient’s jawbone. With the latest techniques and advanced technologies, the dental implants and the dental implant placement process is customized to fit each patient’s exact smile.

Full Digital Workflow

A fully digital workflow will give patients a customized new smile because it evaluates their oral structures so it can be used to precisely plan their customized dental implant procedure. Two-dimensional x-rays, three-dimensional x-rays, and intraoral scanners are a few of the dental technologies used in the fully digital workflow office for a customized dental implant procedure.

Functional New Smile

Because customized dental implants are precisely placed, they will restore the patient’s dental functionality so they can eat and speak properly again.

Most Are Candidates For Customized Dental Implants

Luckily, most people are candidates for customized dental implants. Candidates for customized dental implants are in good oral health. For those with complex medical histories, they will need to get a medical clearance first before they can be considered a candidate for customized dental implants.

Typically, younger and healthier patients are going to heal faster and quicker from their customized dental implant procedures than older and unhealthy ones.


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