Why You Should Go To A Periodontist In Monroe, CT, To Learn The Differences Between A Traditional Gum Surgery And The LANAP® Protocol

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Putting off treating gum disease to avoid invasive and uncomfortable traditional gum surgery procedures? Wishing there were a better way to treat gum disease than traditional gum surgery? With a skilled and trusted periodontist in Monroe, CT, patients can learn the differences between a traditional gum surgery and the advanced LANAP® protocol.

By learning from a periodontist about the differences between these two procedures, patients will be able to make an informed decision on which procedure will be best for them and their needs. Want to learn more about the specific differences between a traditional gum surgery and the LANAP protocol from a periodontist? Continue reading to learn about the specific differences between a traditional gum surgery and the LANAP protocol from a periodontist.

What Can A Periodontist In Monroe, CT Tell Me About The Differences Between A Traditional Gum Surgery And The LANAP Protocol?

Before technological advancements like dental lasers, periodontists could only treat gum disease by physically removing a patient’s bacteria and debris buildup. Though this process worked, it was not always as fast, convenient, or comfortable as patients would prefer.

The LANAP protocol relies on laser dentistry tools and techniques to bypass all the aforementioned common frustrations with traditional gum disease treatments. With LANAP, periodontists do not have to lift the gums and then suture them back into place. Instead, the laser does all the heavy lifting.

What Happens During The LANAP Protocol?

How does a LANAP appointment work? First, the periodontist prepares the patient for a relaxed experience, by administering sedation dentistry to them. Next, the periodontist uses a handheld laser device to sanitize the areas between the teeth and gums that have been affected by gum disease.

In addition to cleaning those areas thoroughly and removing all unwanted plaque and calculus deposits, the periodontist depends on the laser to smooth the surfaces of the tooth and tooth root. This helps prompt faster reattachment of the patient’s gums.

What Are The Advantages To Working With A Periodontist Who Provides LANAP Gum Therapy?

Patients with gum disease concerns, who have been worried about the potential for uncomfortable and lengthy dental visits, are often pleased when they find out about all the benefits that come with LANAP gum therapy. These benefits of LANAP therapy include:

  • Quicker appointments and less trauma to the oral soft tissues.
  • Faster gum reattachment and oral healing after LANAP protocol treatment.
  • A patient-friendly, painless experience during treatment.
  • Laser gum disease treatments cost the same as traditional gum disease treatment.
  • Exceptional and immediate results that can be seen and felt.

Come To Our Office So Our Periodontist Can Treat Your Gum Disease

Your periodontal health affects your whole body. If you have gum disease, or suspect you may have gum disease, then you should come to our dedicated and caring periodontal practice. We can treat you with traditional gum surgery or the advanced LANAP protocol.

Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with our doctors, Dr. Richard Amato, and our exceptional team at our dental office to schedule an appointment today!


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