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Have you ever wondered if your general dentist (GP) is truly qualified to offer complex treatments, such as soft tissue grafting or dental implants?

Many GPs complete continuing education courses and advanced training, but in order to truly become an expert in an area of dentistry, they need the degree or certification to prove it. Without it, they may not have the clinical background and years of specialized training to properly handle your case, even if they recommend treatment. If you are searching for a doctor for your dental surgery, it’s important to know what dental specialties exist and how treatment from the most qualified doctor can ensure predictable long-term outcomes.

Learn the Dental Specialties
Orthodontists specialize in aligning your teeth and your bite either for functional reasons or just for aesthetics. Endodontists treat the inside of the tooth; if you need a root canal, they’re the best ones to go to. Oral surgeons undergo years of education in oral and maxillofacial surgery and remain the ideal choice for facial trauma, pathology, and hospital-based treatment. A periodontist specializes in the correlation between the gums, teeth, and bone, making periodontists the ideal specialist for treatment that involves careful recognition of this relationship.

As periodontists in Monroe, CT, Drs. Richard Amato, Michael Kang, and John Thomas have training and specialization in periodontics, uniquely qualifying them to offer treatments like soft tissue grafting, tooth extractions, and dental implants. If you think you need a periodontist, review the breakdown provided below for more information.

Periodontists Specialize in Soft Tissue Treatments
Periodontics is the only dental specialty that is specifically trained to diagnose and treat soft tissue concerns, and to manage gum disease. This focused training makes Drs. Amato, Kang, and Thomas the most qualified of all specialists to treat such problems as receding gums with soft tissue grafting and to ensure soft tissue esthetics are preserved during extractions and dental implant treatment. They specifically ensure that your gums will look just as attractive as your new teeth with dental implants will.

Periodontists Are Skilled in Dental Surgeries
Periodontists are also incredibly skilled in dental surgeries like tooth extractions, making them an ideal choice for challenging tooth extractions. Whereas other doctors may not consider the relationship between the gums, teeth, and bone, periodontists pay attention to preserving healthy bone and soft tissue during surgery. The periodontists at Advanced Periodontics and Dental Implant Center use a technique called Piezosurgery®, which involves delicate bone cutting specifically to make sure extractions are minimally invasive and patients experience a faster, more comfortable recovery.

Periodontists Are Experts in Dental Implants
A periodontist is one of the few dental specialists who is also clinically trained and highly experienced in dental surgeries, including dental implant placement. Periodontists like Drs. Amato, Kang, and Thomas complete dental implant surgeries every day, permanently replacing single to full arches of missing teeth using innovative techniques and technology, including i-CAT® 3D cone beam imaging and guided implant placement.

Why Choose Our Team for Your Treatment?
Advanced Periodontics and Dental Implant Center has a team of three skilled periodontists and has been serving the Monroe, CT area for over 30 years. They’ve limited their practice to focus on periodontics, laser treatment, and dental implant placement. They make themselves available every day, with early and late hours, and make sure emergencies are seen that day. An active member of many prestigious organizations, Dr. Amato’s dedication to superior patient care also has awarded him the title of Connecticut Magazine’s Top Periodontist on 10 different occasions.

Interested in Learning More?
Dr. Amato and the entire team at Advanced Periodontics and Dental Implant Center welcome patients looking for a new periodontist in Monroe, CT. Please reserve your consultation by scheduling online or calling our office at 203-268-2000.


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