Does Scaling And Root Planing Help Me Treat My Gum Disease In Monroe, CT?

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Gum disease in Monroe, CT, is a serious oral condition that can lead to tooth loss if it goes untreated. Luckily, at a caring and dedicated periodontist’s practice, a scaling and root planing procedure can be used to treat people’s gum disease. A scaling and root planing procedure is a typical procedure performed on those who gum disease.


Curious to learn exactly how a scaling and root planing procedure treats gum disease? Continue reading to learn how a scaling and root planing procedure treats gum disease.

How Will Scaling And Root Planing Help Me Treat My Gum Disease In Monroe, CT?

Gum disease arises from an infection that starts with the increase of bad bacteria within the gum tissues. As the bacteria grows, it starts to destabilize the structure of the gum tissues. This causes the gum tissues to pull away from their protective position around the teeth.


The longer the bacteria are left to develop, the deeper the periodontal pockets between the teeth and gums become. Left unchecked and unmanaged, the bacteria will cause serious damage to the teeth and jawbone.


At a quality periodontist’s practice, scaling and root planing is a proven method to stop the progression of gum disease. During this procedure, the periodontist will gain access to the periodontal pocket areas that have been affected by bacteria.


At that point, the periodontist will use a safe, fast-working dental laser device to remove calculus and plaque buildup along the teeth. The periodontist will also remove any diseased gum tissues and smooth out the surface of the patient’s teeth and bone to discourage further debris attachment and bacteria growth.


No treatment comes as close to having an immediate effect on gum disease as scaling and root planing. Although some healing time should be expected after treatment, patients can expect a pain-free scaling and root planing appointment thanks to sedation dentistry.

How Long Do The Results Of Scaling And Root Planing Last?

Patients who require scaling and root planing to resolve their gum disease, will be given at-home instructions to follow. With proper dental care — usually including a customized maintenance plan that includes regular deep cleanings — and good home-based hygiene, most patients require just one scaling and root planing treatment.


If patients, however, do not follow recommended gum disease-fighting protocols and continue unwise lifestyle habits, like cigarette smoking, they may require scaling and root planing in the future.

See Us Now So We Can Expertly Treat Your Gum Disease

Gum disease may seem like an annoyance that you can just live with, but it is important that you take any indications of potential oral infection seriously, because it can permanently harm the structures of your mouth. If you have any of the frequently seen symptoms of gum disease, like bleeding gums, red gums, tender gums, or habitual bad breath, then you should come to our practice for a scaling and root planing procedure.


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