How to Protect the Investment of Your Dental Implants

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If you have replaced your missing teeth with dental implants, then you understand the importance of investing in your oral health and the value of a healthy and stable smile. However, even though dental implants are a long-term and permanent solution for missing teeth, they are still susceptible to the same bacteria that can cause gum disease. Periodontist Dr. Richard Amato wants to help you protect your smile and the investment you have made in your oral health.

What is Peri-Implantitis?

Gum disease is a progressive bacterial infection in your mouth that can lead to devastating tooth and bone loss. As gum disease gets worse the bacteria will cause the soft tissue of the gums to pull away from your teeth and pockets of infection form. If left untreated, the pockets grow and start to eat away at your jaw bone. Teeth will become loose and may even fall out. This same progression of infection can affect dental implants; this is called peri-implantitis.

Minimally-Invasive LAPIP®

If your implants are at risk of being lost due to peri-implantitis, there is good news! The minimally-invasive Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure, or LAPIP®, is a breakthrough treatment to eradicate infection and regenerate bone. Using laser technology we are now able to target only infected tissue, keeping healthy tissue intact. Benefits of laser dentistry include minimal discomfort, minimal bleeding, quick healing, and a fast recovery.

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The effects of peri-implantitis are often painless and can go unnoticed until it is too late. The best way to spot the warning signs of infection is through regular exams and especially with dental x-rays that can easily detect any bone loss that starts to occur. Early diagnosis is vital to save your dental implants and to fully restore your oral health.

Do not wait until it is too late. Protect your investment. If you have dental implants in Monroe, CT and suspect you might be experiencing symptoms of peri-implantitis, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Amato today.



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