Stroke Awareness Month and LANAP®

In an effort to bring attention to Stroke Awareness Month this May, and LANAP® laser treatment, Dr. Amato wants to educate his patients about the link between gum disease and heart health. Gum disease is a condition that affects millions of people each year. Untreated, gum disease can cause pain, swelling and redness of the gums, loose and shifting teeth and ultimately result in tooth loss.

How Gum Disease Forms

The bacteria from the plaque that builds up on the teeth and in the gums of affected patients enters the blood stream and travels throughout the body. Once that bacteria reaches the heart, it can cause life-threatening clots that block blood and oxygen flow, resulting in strokes. In addition to strokes, the bacteria from gum disease can assist in the development of other heart health conditions, such as bacterial endocarditis.

Traditionally, treatment for gum disease involved undergoing gum surgery and a scaling procedure to remove plaque deposits from the teeth and beneath the gums. While this treatment is highly successful, healthy gum tissue is also often removed in the process. Patients who want to successfully treat their gum disease now have the option of undergoing laser dentistry.

What Is LANAP® Treatment?

The LANAP® procedure is a minimally invasive laser gum surgery that is used to remove diseased gum tissue and the bacteria that cause gum disease. A laser is inserted between the teeth and gums to detect and remove any unhealthy gum tissue. Then, ultrasonic or hand instruments are used to remove any plaque or tartar on the teeth and roots. Once all of the unhealthy tissue, buildup and bacteria have been removed, the laser is used to cauterize the remaining gum tissue to prevent bleeding and to encourage bone and tissue health.

Treating gum disease while it is in the early stages is one of the best ways for patients to improve their dental health and to reduce their risk of stroke. Patients that exhibit signs of gum disease are encouraged to seek out dental treatment with laser dentistry in Monroe, CT. Call (203) 712-0917 to schedule an appointment with periodontist Richard F. Amato, DDS as soon as possible.


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