The Overall Impact of Periodontal Disease on Your Body

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Many individuals believe that gum disease only affects the periodontal tissue. Unfortunately, this is a misconception that can cause individuals to underestimate the possible harm that infected gum tissue can do to the body. Researches show that the impact of gum disease can extend past the periodontal cells and cause major medical conditions as well as a health problem in other areas of the body. Listed below are a few of the conditions that have linked to periodontal disease.

Heart Disease:

There is a lot of research that links heart disease to periodontal illnesses. Some studies indicate that receiving treatment might lessen the damage caused by heart disease. A possible description for the connection between both diseases is that microorganisms discovered in the gums can travel through the body via the circulatory system to various other areas that cause blockage and swelling.


Diabetes, as well as periodontal disease, has a very strong link, however, that doesn’t always indicate diseased periodontal cells creates diabetic issues. Instead, the two conditions might share the link of excessive inflammation in the body. Some research reveals that managing gum conditions with procedures such as laser gum treatment can reduce inflammation throughout the body as well as have a positive effect on diabetic signs.

Esophageal Cancer:

Recent research links periodontal disease bacteria (particularly Tannerella forsythia) to esophageal cancer. According to the study, those with unhealthy periodontal tissue have higher odds of developing esophageal cancer than those with healthy and balanced periodontal tissue.

Discover Your Treatment Options with Us:

If you have gum disease and are not getting the proper treatment, you may be worried regarding your overall health. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce swelling in your gums and body by receiving laser gum treatments and other innovative procedures from Dr. Amato and other skilled physicians at Advanced Periodontics and Dental Implant Center of Connecticut.

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