How Laser Dentistry Can Give You Your Smile Back

laser dentistry at monroe ct dentist office

Finding it takes more effort to flash a smile you feel confident in? Gum disease can cause your teeth and gums to bleed and decay over time, attracting the wrong kind of attention. But thanks to advancements in laser dentistry, a local dentist can help you reclaim your smile so that it attracts all the right kinds of attention.

Laser Focused

Lasers have many applications in the field of dentistry, ranging from whitening teeth and detecting microscopic cavities to paring back slight amounts of soft tissue and reshaping bone.

Addition by Subtraction

Finely tuned to the right wavelength and intensity, laser light can be used to remove tiny amounts of decaying gum tissue to contain the bacteria infection and promote the growth of healthy gum tissue in its place.

For Your Comfort

Gingivitis, gum disease, has several phases that range from moderate gum bleeding and distress to severe cases in which the gums are no longer able to shield the teeth or hold them in position. When it comes to combatting gum disease, laser dentistry is better used sooner rather than later. Advanced gingivitis can rule out laser dentistry as an option for a patient.

Traditional techniques are generally more effective at combating gum disease than lasers, especially advanced gingivitis. But it’s the added comfort laser affords patients that makes it so preferable to traditional hand tools.

Minimally Invasive
Using lasers instead of mechanical tools means there’s much less pain and bleeding involved. Because they’re so precise, lasers are much less prone to damaging healthy tissue near the trouble area. Their precision also means sutures are less commonly required and healing time is significantly shorter than recovery from similar procedures performed with traditional mechanical tools.

Take Action

Consult with your dentist or seek out a professional. Whether you’re in need of laser treatment to prevent the advanced phases of gingivitis or you’re looking to smile wider and more confidently, laser dental tools can help you work towards your goals with minimal discomfort and prices that are made affordable to the masses.

Schedule a consultation with a local dentist today and find out more about how laser dentistry can take the anxiety out of your next dental appointment.


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