Why Choose a Periodontist?

A Periodontist is a Dentist with additional training in the treatment of periodontal disease and dental implant placement. After becoming a licensed dentist an additional two to three years of full time university based training in a post-doctoral residency is required to call oneself a Periodontist.
Be Careful searching on the Web as many dentists imply that they are Periodontists, but do not have the credentials to back up that claim. A recent google search of Periodontists in Connecticut reveals impostors claiming to be a Periodontists. Don’t be fooled. You deserve the extensive training and experience of a true dental specialist. 

Periodontists specialize in gum and bone health. Your Monroe, CT periodontist Dr. Richard Amato specializes in dental implants, and Pinhole Surgical Technique for gum recession.


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