Why Choose a Periodontist?

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When people have periodontal disease or have one or more missing teeth, they will want to go to a trained and skilled periodontist in Monroe, CT to get treated. But why should people with periodontal disease or missing teeth go to a periodontist? There are numerous reasons, from their education to their training, why people would want to get treated by a periodontist. Continue reading to learn in more detail why people should go to a periodontist for treatment.


Are There Reasons Why I Should Choose To Get Treated By A Periodontist In Monroe, CT?

A periodontist is a dentist with additional training in the treatment of periodontal disease and dental implant placements. After becoming a licensed dentist, an additional two to three years of full-time university-based training in a post-doctoral residency is required to call oneself a Periodontist. At an advanced, highly skilled, and caring office, people with periodontal disease or missing teeth can be expertly treated by a quality periodontist.

The experienced periodontist has extensive experience in rejuvenating patients smiles and has placed more than 5,000 dental implants in his career as a periodontist. He has advanced training in improving, not only the look of his patient’s smile, but also their oral health – which is a key indicator of their overall health. This is why it’s vital for people to ensure that their smile is restored to full function and health, by getting treated by a trusted periodontist.

How Exactly Does A Periodontist In Monroe, CT Restore My Smile?

The knowledgeable periodontist at a state-of-the-art office specializes in oral gum and bone health. Procedures a dedicated periodontist performs are dental implants and the Pinhole Surgical Technique for gum recession.

In order to give patients comfortable and anxiety-free procedure experiences, the compassionate periodontist can administer sedation dentistry to them. Patients can even get treated with the patient centered Comfort Menu that the periodontist uses to give patients a world-class procedure experience.

From the Comfort Menu, patients can choose to have sunglasses, blankets, neck pillows, ear buds, cold and hot beverages, etc., to make their procedure experience the best it can be.


Come To Our Office So You Can Get Treated By Our Quality Periodontist

When you come to our welcoming, knowledgeable, and skilled office, our periodontist uses the latest techniques and advanced technologies to give you the smile of your dreams. Because of his commitment to excellence, Dr. Richard Amato, is an exceptional periodontist. He is able to treat conditions like bleeding gums, gum disease, bone loss, and loose teeth.

Don’t hesitate to come to our office so our quality periodontist can treat you. Get in contact with Dr. Richard Amato, Dr. Michael Kang, and our exceptional team at our Advanced Periodontics & Dental Implant Center of Connecticut office to schedule an appointment today!


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