You Can Enjoy Your Holiday Food After Pinhole Surgical Technique

Are you getting ready to receive a gum grafting procedure to treat your gum recession? If so, you may be interested to know that Dr. Richard Amato offers a quicker and less invasive alternative to gum grafting. Dr. Amato uses the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™) to treat gum recession without using any sutures or scalpels. Recovery time is minimal, so you can still enjoy your holiday food after receiving this revolutionary procedure.

before and after results of pinhole surgical technique

The PST™ Procedure

During PST™ treatment, Dr. Amato doesn’t surgically remove tissue from any part of the mouth in order to graft it to the receded tissue. Instead, he simply creates a very small hole in the gums, close to the area affected by recession. Through this hole he gains access to the underside of the gum tissue and gently releases it from the surface of the teeth. Once the attachment between the gums and the teeth is broken, the gum tissue can be carefully guided down over the tooth’s surface to the desired position.

PST™ is minimally invasive and causes very little bleeding. It also doesn’t require the treated area to be stitched up with uncomfortable sutures. Most patients can immediately return to work or their other daily activities after receiving PST™.

No Holiday Disruptions

If you’ve been worried that your upcoming gum grafting procedure will prevent you from fully enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, it may be time to cancel your appointment and schedule a new one with a periodontist who offers gentle treatment using the Pinhole Surgical Technique. Since this procedure is associated with a very short and minimally uncomfortable recovery time, you can fully enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner this upcoming holiday.

Schedule Your Appointment

Ready to learn more about how simple and effective PST™ is? To schedule your appointment with Dr. Amato, our skilled periodontist, call Advanced Periodontist and Dental Implant Center of Connecticut during regular business hours.


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