How Diabetes Affects Oral Health

If you suffer from diabetes in Monroe, CT you should get regular dental examinations, especially if you have poor blood sugar control. Diabetes is a condition that has been linked to the development of gum disease. To minimize the risks and effects of the disease, Dr. Richard Amato encourages you to learn more about the correlation between the two so you can take actions to protect your oral health.


Poorly Managed Diabetes Increases the Risk

There is a fine line for diabetics to walk with their blood glucose levels. When they are out-of-whack and their sugar levels run high for long periods of time, the effects on the body can be catastrophic. Not only does poorly controlled blood glucose lead to the development of chronic health conditions like heart disease, obesity and kidney disease, it can also alter the environment inside of the oral cavity. This negative change can lead to an increase in bacteria, inflammation and gum disease.


How Gum Disease Affects Oral Health

Gum disease is very destructive to the healthy bone and gum tissue in your mouth. It can progress slowly or it can ravage through your mouth quite quickly. Common indicators that gum disease is present include sore and bleeding gums, loose teeth, persistent foul breath and longer-looking teeth.


How Diabetics Can Fight Periodontal Disease

 Having diabetes does not mean that the onset of periodontal disease is imminent, nor does it mean that its presence is unmanageable. There are ways you can slow down its progression so that less damage is done to your teeth and gums. Regular dental examinations, a good treatment regimen, proper oral hygiene and strict blood glucose control are all effective ways that you can fight periodontal disease.


If you want to find out if you have gum disease, contact our dental office at your earliest convenience. Dr. Amato offers gum disease treatment to help diabetics improve their oral health.


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